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Deep Cycle Marine Battery Australia are the best esteem available today. Ozimall engineers met their objective of planning a Deep Cycle VRLA battery with the most elevated conceivable store limit, longest cycle life and low inward resistance. The Ozimall DC Series batteries are the keen decision for requesting recreational and mechanical Deep release applications.

Deep Cycle Marine batteries are intended to be deeply released and revived many times. They are outlined and constructed uniquely in contrast to car beginning batteries. They utilize more lead, heavier plates and other restrictive materials that empower them to convey more power and limit over numerous life cycles.

Deep Cycle Marine batteries are utilized as a part of numerous applications including; Boats, RVs, Solar and Wind power, Electric Vehicles, Electric Golf Cars, Floor Cleaning machines, Aerial Work Platforms and some more. Our DC Series batteries give the execution and life of a genuine Deep cycle battery with all the accommodation and advantages of being sans upkeep and non-dangerous.


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